14 Hour Log Sheet

DO NOT click submit until you have completed all 14 hours of driving and observation  AND filled in this log accurately and truthfully.
Click ‘Save and Continue Later’ in order to log your hours over time.

Make sure to print a hard copy log sheet and fill it out by hand. You will need to take a hard copy with you to the DPS. 

The seven (7) hours of in-car observation and seven (7) hours of behind-the-wheel instruction must be completed by the Parent Taught teacher registered with TDLR. The behind-the-wheel curriculum will be provided in the parent taught digital PDF files that you purchased and downloaded earlier. Only one hour of behind-the-wheel observation and or behind-the-wheel instruction / practice  can be counted towards your 14 hours. Regardless of the number of hours the student actually drives in a day.

This means that you can only complete one hour of observation, and one hour of behind-the-wheel practice, each day. You will need to ensure that you fill this log out as truthfully and accurately as you possibly can.

At least 7 days MUST pass between the date you register with TDLR and the date you complete this course and print your certificate.

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