Texas – Online – Adult Driver Education

9 Chapters

This course is separated into different sections or ‘modules’. Each one relating to specific driver safety elements, traffic laws, and anything else you will need along your journey behind the wheel. Each module is comprised of smaller ‘chapters’ allowing you to move along at your own pace. At the end of each module, we will briefly review the most important content that we covered.

Also, keep in mind that you can pause and exit the course at any time. When you log back in, we will direct you straight to where you left off. You are also always able to review past modules and chapters by visiting the Course Dashboard.

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C1: Intro to Adult Driver Education

C2: Your License to Drive

C3: Right of Ways

C4: Traffic Control Devices

C5: Controlling Traffic Flow

C6: Alcohol and Other Drugs

C7: Sharing the Road

C8: Managing Risk

C9: Progress Assessment